No 9.00 līdz 16.00 summām virs 5000 EUR vai ekvivalentam citās valūtās piešķiram labākus kursus!

Zvaniet uz bezmaksas telefonu 80008220, lai saskaņotu uzlabotu valūtas maiņas kursu.



Choose the amount and currency,

which you want to buy/sell

Register for the deal

by inputting your personal data and bank account details


Transfer the money to our bank account

via the internet banking of the bank of your choice


Receive the exchanged money within 15 minutes

back into your designated bank account



We buy We sell
USD 1.25800 1.20980
GBP 0.89180 0.85939
CHF 1.19380 1.13660
RUB 73.89810 68.24920
SEK 10.31330 10.01050
NOK 9.75620 9.35420
DKK 7.57270 7.32340
PLN 4.29270 4.12940

Currency exchange rate: Special rate:

You sell: You buy:


Choose the bank which you will transfer the payment from!
Select your bank
Total savings *
* According to the current public currency exchange rate of the bank
Unfortunately it is past our closing time. We are processing the transactions on weekdays from 8am until 8pm!
The transaction will be executed in 48 hours!

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What is

  • non-cash currency exchange service online for private persons and companies;
  • currency exchange from EUR to USD/GBP/CHF/RUB/SEK/NOK/DKK/PLN and back;
  • competitive exchange rates;
  • currency exchange transactions in 15 minutes WITHOUT commission;
  • opportunity to exchange currency between accounts of the same client in different banks;
  • secure exchange currency via internet banking without leaving the house or the office!

 Cost-effective, convenient and fast currency exchange with guaranteed savings!

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